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Radio People

Art Bell: Late night talk show host, Paranormal, UFO's, Goverment Black OP's, etc.. Absolutely an awesome site with lots of links about topics, guests, images.
Art Bell Studio Cam: Art Bell's LIVE Studio Cam
Kim Komando: Weekend talk show host, Digital Diva, Computers & Internet
Chuck Harder: Day-Time talk show host covers: Economics, Politics, Goverment Cover-ups, etc.
Jeff Rense: Huge Site of Info on UFO Sightings, NWO, Mind Control, Politics

Radio Broadcaster Web Links

WWCR: World Wide Christian Radio, Shortwave, Politics, Patriot, Religion, etc.
WHRI: World Harvest Radio International, Shortwave, Politics, Religion, etc.
Radio Netherlands:
BBC: BBC WWW Public Access

Radio Frequencies

Cordless Phones: Cordless phone, baby monitor, and 900mhz phone frequencies
Shuttle & MIR EVA: Space Shuttle & MIR EVA frequencies
Indy Racing League: IRL car & officials frequencies
Multnomah County: Jughead's Multnomah County Police Frequency and codes list
Oregon: ScanWare's Oregon frequency list and links
Newport, OR: Scanner frequencies for Newport, OR

Other Radio Sites

Oregon Electronic Order of Battle: A good site for scanner frequencies in the Pacific Northwest.
Clay Irving's Scanning Reference: A large site with lots of frequencies and links.
KC5KTO's Radio Page: Another good scanning site
Dale's Shortwave Page: Lots of shortwave broadcaster links
Radio Free Press: Keep up to date on Pirate Radio and Micro-Broadcasting.
Salem Scan: A Salem, OR scanning site
SOSP: Southern Oregon Scanner Page
LCSG: Lane County Oregon Scanner Guide
OFP: Oregon Firepage Web Site
FPNW: Fire Page Northwest
ScanWare: ScanWare's Real Audio Scanning Site with Ham, Scanning, & info links
Scanning: ScanWare's Scanning Page with loads of info on scanning and equipmnet
FCC AM: FCC Search Engine for AM Radio Stations. Search by Call Letters, Frequency, etc. and get lots of info such as operating power, hours of operation, location etc.
FCC FM: FCC Search Engine for FM Stations, operates like the above search engine.
Radio Scanner Web Ring: A site with over 150 links to scanner pages
FCC General Menu: Searchable Database for Freq's, State, County, Licensee, etc.
FCC Search for Clackamas Commercial Radio Licensee's

Misc. Radio

HAARP: Official site for the HAARP (High Altitude Aurora Research Project)
HAARP Gif: HAARP Antenna Array Photo (76K)
Fair Radio Sales: A Good Source For Military Radios & Surplus parts.
Sun Spots: Marshall Space Sciences
Yahoo Sun Spots: Yahoo Sun Spot Site List
Gray Line Earth View: An online Geoclock with zoom & weather overlays
Radio Atlas: Find Latitude and Longitude for places all over the world.
MUF/LUF: Determines the Maximum Usable Frequency/Lowest Usable Frequency for any location in the world using latitude and longitude for both the receiver and transmitter.
Shortwave/Radio Catalog: A large radio site with useful info and programs. Has some downloadable software.
ILG: ILG International Radio Database
Antennas: Lots of Links and Info on Antennas
Jughead's: Jughead's Electronics & Radio page, a large site covering electronics and radio.
Radio Shack Scanners: Info and Specifications for Radio Shack Scanners
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