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F-89H "Scorpion"

Plane Images

Convair's Awesome B-58 Hustler, BW, (39K) JPEG
F-18 Hornet
Australian F-18 Hornet, (184k) JPEG
Mig 29 Lawn Dart, Paris Air Show, (210k) JPG
F-100A, 1962 on Dryden Reasearch Center Lake Bed, (90k) JPG
F-104 in flight, (68k) JPG, 600x480 pixel
P-38 in flight, 1943, (57k), JPG, 600x480 pixel
X-1 in flight, (61k), JPG, 600x480 pixel
X-15 & XB-70
X-15 & XB-70 parked on NASA ramp, 1967, (64k), JPG, 600x480 pixel
YF-12A & YF12C
2 Blackbirds in flight formation at dusk, 1975, (51k), JPG, 600x480 pixel
A Quicktime movie of X-1E launch from mother-ship, 900k, 160x120 pixel
F-89H on static display at Dyess AFB, Abilene,TX, (64k), JPG
History of the F-89H in the picture
F-89 History
History of the F-89 Series

Aircraft Image & Other Aircraft Links

Military Photos
A good site for aircraft, ship, missle images, some big ones good for wallpaper
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
A NASA Site with tons of plane photos
Right Stuff
A NASA press release on the history of the Dryden Flight Reasearch Center, "50 years of High Desert 'Right Stuff'".
X-Plane List
List of X-Planes and their missions
Dryden Research Aircraft Movie Gallery
A large archive of Ouicktime and MPEG movies of hot planes in flight.
USAF Aircraft Photo Gallery
Large List of downloadable images from the USAF
Edwards AFB Photo Gallery
List of downloadable images from Edwards AFB
A good site to find that plane, airshow, or air museum that you're looking for.

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