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Knives For Sale
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Original Leatherman Tool PST
The PST is the original Leatherman tool. Packs a dozen essential tools into one compact package. Continual improvements have enhanced screwdriver performance and added a hard-wire cutting notch. Tim Leatherman's original invention is as handy as ever.

Tools/Uses Include:
Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Wire Cutters
Hard-Wire Cutters
Clip-Point Knife
Metal / Wood File
8 in. / 20 cm Ruler
Can / Bottle Opener
Small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Large Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver (#1 / #35;2)
Awl Punch

Length: 4 in. / 10 cm closed / 6.25 in. / 16 cm open
Weight: 5 ounces / 142 grams
Materials: 100% stainless steel (Optimum grade hardness for each tool/blade)
Patents/Trademarks: U.S. REG'S TM 1325473 International Registrations on file Patent Pending

New in Box with Leather Sheath & Registration Papers
Price $29.99 + $3.00 S&H

Awesome Bowie Knife

Christopher Columbus 500 year Anniversary Bowie Knife. Handmade by Saburo in Japan.Saburo hand forms and finishes each blade from specially formulated stainless steel.This special blend of steel is superior to ordinary 440 stainless because of it's ability to take an edge in the field.Contents include: 1% silicon,.4% carbon,1% manganese,.4% phosphorus, .6% nickel,14% chromium,82.96% pure iron. The handle is custom designed by Saburo and made in limited production from genuine laminated mahogony wood.The handles are impregnated with a special resin,heated to 280 degrees and then sealed under 120,000 lbs. of pressure per square foot for 45 minutes.This laminated wood is impervious to heat,cold,and moisture.8 1/2" blade,14" overall length,with sheath,new in box,with lifetime warranty and specification sheet.New over $100.00.
Price $65.00 + $4.00 S&H.

Swiss Army Knife, "The Outdoorsman", by Victronix, Marlboro premium. A 21 function tool for your campsite. Includes: magnifying glass, corkscrew, hook, fish scaler, can opener, Phillips screwdriver, wood saw, scissors, tooth pick, tweezers. Lifetime warranty, New in Box.
Price $25.00 + $3.00 S&H.

Swiss Army Knife, "Officer", by Victronix, Marlboro premium, 10 functions: large blade, small blade, can opener/sm.screwdriver, bottle opener/lg.screwdriver/wire stripper, corkscrew, and reamer w/sewing eye. New in Box.
Price $13.00 + $3.00 S&H.

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