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Many of these books can't be found on Amazon


Clocks by Marta Janovickova, 1993, 54 pages, 8.3" x 8.3", PB. Clocks from the collections of the Historical Museum of the Slovak National Museum, Lots of Color Plates with descriptions, VG-EXC condition. ISBN 808575326X $5.95

Esquire Cartoons
"The Pocket Book of Esquire Cartoons", 1961, apx 90-100 pages, 9.2" x 6.5",PB, The vintage cartoons that appeared in Esquire magazine over the 25 years prior to 1961, most adult orientated, some in color. Some wear, overall G condition $4.95

Diana Ross
Secrets of a Sparrow, Diana Ross Memoirs, Diana Ross, 1993, 299 pages, 6.5" x 9.5", HB w/DJ. 1st edition Diana Ross Autobiography with lots of photos. EXC. condition, ISBN 0679428747; Orig. Price $22.00 $4.95

New Age
"The New Age, Free Masons, July 1962 issue, Vol. 70 no. 7, 64 pages, 7.3" x 5.3", booklet. A newsletter of Freemasonry as put forward by The Supreme Council 33rd degree. Has membership listings, that you can compare to your CFR & Trilateral lists. Has a variety of articles written by members of high rank. Overall G+ condition. $3.95

Ford 1956 Almanac
"The Ford 1956 Almanac", John Strohm, 1956, 208 pages, 5.2" x 7.6", PB. Lots of Home Helpful Hints, Farming info, Livestock info. In the center there are several pages describing the 1956 Ford cars, trucks, farm equipment. Lots of Color Pictures. These books were distributed to the Future Farmer's of America (FFA). Overall G-VG condition $5.95

Girl From Uncle
"The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. #2: The Blazing Affair, Michael Avallone, 1966 1st print., 4.3" x 7", PB, 2nd in the Girl from UNCLE TV tie-in books. Follow April Dancer as she combats TORCH, an organization bent on world domination. Some cover wear & soiling, pages browning due to age. Overall G- condition $4.95

Frommer's Comprehensive Travel Guide to Athens, John Macneill, 1995, 10th edition, 210 pages, 7.8" x 4.2", PB. Accommodations, Trip Planning, What to see, Shopping, Nightlife, Excursions from Athens, Maps etc., EXC. condition. ISBN 0028600584; Orig. Price $12.95 $4.95

Frommer's Hawaii from $60 a Day, Jocelyn Fujii & Jeanne Foster, 1998, 31st edition, 646 pages, 5.1" x 8.5", PB. Covers all the Hawaiian Islands, Accommodations, Trip Planning, What to see, Shopping, Nightlife, Excursions, Maps etc., G-VG condition. ISBN 0028616553 Orig. Price $18.95 $5.95

The Good-Humored Gardener, Treske Blase & Anneke Hohmann, 1975, 1st American edition, 58 pages, 13.8" x 4.9", HB w/DJ. A whimsical gardening guide from Holland with gardening cartoons, helpful hints & tips,G-VG condition. ISBN 0916372006 $7.50

"How to be a Successful Fertility Patient, Your Guide to Getting the Best Possible Medical Help to Have a Baby", Peggy Robin, 1993, 447 pages, 6.1" x 9.3", Trade PB. Covers & Explains: How to go from infertility diagnosis to effective treatment as soon as possible, How different treatment regimens might affect your general health and life-style, How to find insurance that will pay for your fertlity care, Which tests are crucial & which tests should be avoided, When to switch doctors. Written by a 2 time successful fertility patient. VG-EXC. condition. ISBN 0688117325, Orig price $15.00 $5.95

Golf Oregon
Golf in Oregon, Kent C. Myers, 1981, 2nd edition, 154 pages, 9" x 6", Trade PB, A good book covering 139 of Oregon's golf couses with maps, course layouts, photos, stories, & histories. Has a Great Golf Holes in Oregon List, Oregon State Map with course location, Birth Dates of Oregon golf courses, & course data charts, Good condition. $9.50

United Consumer
"America's Best Kept Secret, James Gagan, 1991 1st print, 222 pages, HB w/DJ. This is the story of the United Consumer's Club, written by it's founder. The book is in EXC. condition, Orig price $19.95 $3.95

Outdoor Photo
Outdoor Photography, Erwin A. Bauer (Eddie's Brother?), 1978, 143 pages, 8.8" x 6", Trade PB, Covers the basics of outdoor photography, scenics, hunting, action, aerial, underwater, campground. Discusses equipment choices, weather & enviroments. An Outdoor Life Booki in overall G-VG condition. ISBN 0876901615 $4.95

Peanuts Security
Security is a Thumb and a blanket, Charles Schulz, 1963, 5.8" x 5.8", HB w/DJ, This is a follow-up book to "Happiness is a Warm Blanket", G condition $4.95

Peanuts Home
Home is on top of a Dog House, Charles Schulz, 1966, 5.8" x 5.8", HB w/DJ, Another Classic Peanuts Book, Good condition $4.95

The Most Intriguing People of the century, from People Weekly, Editor Eric Levin, 1998, 160 pages, 8.5" x 11", HB w/DJ. Lots of photos & stories about the famous & intriguing people of the century. Orig. Price $29.95, EXC. condition. $5.50

Philippine Diving
Philippine Dive Versions, Gretchen Hutchinson & Edgar M. Ventura, 1987, 182 pages, 6" x 9", Trade PB. Excellent book on diving in the Philippines, What to Bring, Climate, types of reefs, local marine life. Specific Island info, best dive seasons, what kind of marine life, maps of islands & reefs, transportation & lodging. Lots of Color Plates & Maps. ISBN 9719104805 $14.95

Looking at Pisa, G. Barsali & U. Castelli, 1978, 94 pages, 8" x 10.8", PB with protective cover (removable). Comes with a street map of points of intrest and a walking tour route. Filled with color photos of the city of Pisa, Structure, art & artifacts, past history, famous people from Pisa, the culture and events of Pisa. Overall an excellent book on Pisa in EXC. condition $14.95

Sacramento History
Sacramento An Ilustrated History: 1839 to 1874, Sutter's Fort to Capitol City, Thor Severson, 1973 pub. California Historical Society, 207 pages, 11.3" x 8.7", HB w/DJ, Covers the early growth years of Sacramento,CA, in drawings, photos, & history. Gift inscription on inside cover page, some stains on DJ, overall G-VG $17.95

Julia Peterson Tufford's Original Recipies, Julia Peterson Tufford, 1977, 28th print, 95 pages, 8" x 5.2", PB, If you're after authentic Scandinavian cooking this is the book. Covers all the food groups & has traditional smorgasboard menus & table layouts $4.95

Undersea Treasure
Undersea Treasures, National Geographic, 1974, 200 pages, 10.3" x 7.2", HB w/DJ, Covers all the worlds oceans, treasures lost & found, professional & amateurs, new and old wrecks, as well as some nature's undersea treasures, with lots of color photos, index. Some DJ wear, book in EXC. condition, ISBN 0870441477 $4.95

Stealth Invasion Red-Chinese Operations in North America, Roger Canfield, 2002, 95 pages, 6.8" x 4.2", PB, Covers the vulnerability of U.S. ports and the Chinese shipping line COSCO. G condition $1.50

Tax Havens
"Secrets of Offshore Tax Havens, Robert Chapell, 1985, 298 pages, 5.3" x 8.2", Trade PB. A good how to book on offshore banking & business. Large Corporations are doing it legally and you get to pick-up their tax tab. They don't want you to do it too, hence the negative connotation about it and it being unpatriotic. This should be treated as a financial survival guide. EXC. condition. $5.95

Tour Guide
"Travel Journal", EF Educational Tours, 1996, 95 pages, 8.4" 5.4", PB booklet. This is a handy tour guide/journal. It covers all of Europe & Russia. It has useful info for each country: Phrases, Currency, Histoy & Culture, City & Country maps, Pages set aside for your personal notes. EXC. condition $2.50

Star Trek
Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual, Franz Joseph, 1975 1st ed. 1st print., 8.5" x 11 ", PB with Hard Plastic Outer Cover w/ insert. Covers Star Trek Ships & Equipment with line drawings, schematics, & spec. sheets. Has the Articles of the Federation, Flags, Seals, Navigational Charts, Star Fleet Organization, Federation Codes. A gotta have for the collector, EXC. condition $24.95

Truth Machine
The Truth Machine, A Speculative Novel, James Halperin, 1996, 321 pages, 9.5" x 6.7", HB w/DJ. What if there was a machine that was 100% effective in determining the truth. No one could lie, no need for courts, politicians would have to submit to it just to run. This is a novel on how the world would change if such a machine was available & used. EXC. condition. ISBN 0345410564 $4.95

Christmas Box
The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans, 1994, 7" x 4.4", PB, The touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together they discover the first gift of Christmas and learn what Christmas is really about. Exc. condition. ISBN 1566840287 $1.00

Peanuts School Year Date Book

Peanuts School Year Date Book/Calendar for the 1967-68 school year. 13" x 10.6", Spiral Bound. Has a cartoon for each month, with smaller ones on the edges. Has some thumb tack holes, no writing or marks, overall VG condition.
Price $9.95 + $2.50 S&H


"Forty Paintings from an Early 14th Century Manuscript of the Apocalyspe, The Metropolitan Museum of Art-The Cloisters Collection, Engagement Calendar for 1970", 1970, apx 70-90 pages, 9" x 7.5", PB spiral bound. This is an interesting set of prints from about 1320, in a date book format. The 40 prints are color plates. There is an introduction explaining the history of the manuscript, also included is an invitation to buy a facsimile copy of the manuscript. There no marks in the book, it is clean in VG+ condition.
Price $9.95 + $2.00 S&H

Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse" autographed by Padraig Stuart, Commodore USN Ret, PMT-ATR, NSA/CIA, Seal Team 6-BCO 1957-1982. The incscription reads " War maybe hell, But the oppression of a tyrant is unbearable", as well as the above information. I believe he was one of the consultants that Mr. Clancy uses for his novels in order to have the authenticity he has. The book is a 1st edition, Hard Cover, and is in VG-EXC. condition. It has no dust jacket.
Price $25.00 Buyer pays $2.00 S&H.

Merchant Marine Manuals

I have a few Maritime related books for sale. They are: Merchant Marine Examination Questions, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, U.S. Coast Guard, June 1988, Book 12 Electricity,COMDTPUB16721.17, 311 pages, Book 13 Steam Plants,COMDTPUB16721.18, 400 pages, Book 14 Motor Plants,COMDTPUB16721.19, 424 pages. Marine Education Textbooks; 124 North Van Ave.; Houma,LA; 70363-5895; "Lifeboatman", 1987, ISBN 0-934114-86-2, 122 pages. ILWU-PMA, "Pacific Coast Marine Safety Code", 1996 Revision, 133 pages. All the above books for $19.95 + $6.00 S&H. I can sell seprately.

1 Lot of Thai Language Books

	Robertson's Practical English-Thai Dictionary (pictured)
	   ISBN 0-8048-0706-X, 21st printing, 1991, binding problems,
	   272 pages missing pages, ends at Vietnam, 4" x 5 1/4",

	Modern English-Thai; Thai-English Dictionary, ISBN
	   974-08-1464-6, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" Thick. Book is
	   in VG+ condition, 824 pages, paperback.

	An Advanced Pocket Thai-Thai-English Dictionary, 2nd printing
	   1993, by Wit Thåiangbåuranatham, ISBN 974-245-417-5, 5" X 6"
	   x 2 1/2" thick, 1654 pages, EXC. condition, hardback. The first,
	   most complete, authoritative, up-to-date, pocket, Thai-Thai-
           English dictionary available, over 200,000 bilingual entries,
	   over 1000 illustrations, a compact dictionary for every day use.

	Dictionary of English Idioms-Thai, ISBN 974-246-003-5, 6" x 7 1/2"
	   x 2" thick, VG-EXC. condition, 1071 pages. hardback ,quite

	Manich's Thai-English Dictionary, 437 pages, 3"x4 1/4"x3/4" thick,
	   G-VG condition, paperback.

	What appears to be an English-Thai Dictionary of idioms,ISBN
	   975-245-653-4, paperback, 3"x6"x1 1/2" thick, 895 pages, VG

	What appears to be a Thai cookbook with 1000 recipes, hardback,
	   8 1/2"x5 1/2"x1 1/2" thick, used, rough condition.

		      Price for the Lot $11.00 + $4.00 S&H



        $3.00 1970-89 Datsun/Nissan,Pick-ups,Pathfinders,2&4wd,gas &
                      diesel engines,US & Can.,#6816 Chilton's.
        $5.00 1983    Datsun/Nissan,Pulsar,Pulsar NX,Factory service


        $3.00 1984-86 Caravan,Plymouth Voyager,2.2 & 2.6ltr engines,
                      #1231 Haynes.
        $20.00 1961   Plymouth Valiant Original Factory Service
                      Manual,Service Manual Supplement & Owner's


        $3.00 1977-80 Fiesta,all models,Haynes.
        $3.00 1979-88 Mustang,Mercury Capri,all inline engine models
                      #654 Haynes.
        $3.00 1986-92 Taurus & Mercury Sable,#1421 Haynes.
        $3.00 1979-88 Mustang,Mercury Capri,Merkur,US & Can.,
                      #6963 Chilton's.
        $4.00 1985-90 Aerostar,#8057 Chilton's.
        $5.00 1978    Ford Truck,vol.2,engines,Factory shop manual,
                      missing cover.
        $3.00 1984-87 Tempo,Mercury Topaz,#A256 Clymer


        $3.00 1970-90 Buick,Olds,Pontiac,full size models,rear
                      wheel drive,gasoline engines,#1551 Haynes.
        $3.00 1980-85 Buick Skylark,all x-cars,151
                      L4,173 V6,#552 Haynes.
        $3.00 1985-90 Buick,Olds,Pontiac,full size front wheel drive
                      models(C & H body types),#1627 Haynes.
        $3.00 1985-91 Buick Skylark 1986-91,Somerset 1985-87,Olds
                      Calais 1985-91,Pontiac Grand-Am 1985-91,#1420
        $3.00 1982-92 Chevy Celebrity,Buick Century,Olds Cutlass
                      Ciera,Pontiac 6000,#7309 Chilton's.
        $3.00 1982-83 Chevy S-10,GMC S-15 Pick-ups,2 & 4wd,gas &
                      diesel engines,#7310 Chilton's.
        $3.00 1982-87 Chevy S-10 Blazer,GMC S-15,Jimmy Pick-ups,
                      2 & 4wd,US & Can. models,#7383 Chilton's.
        $3.00 1976    Owner's manual for Olds Cutlass & Vista Cruiser
                      Consumer Information sheet,Maintenance Schedule
        $4.95 1998    Chevrolet Prizm Owner's Manual, includes
                      Maintenance Schedule & Consumer Information


        $3.00 1979-89 Prelude,all models,#601 Haynes.


        $3.00 1981-85 GLC front wheel drive,1.5 ltr,2 & 4 door
                      hatchback,4 door sedan,#757 Haynes.


        $3.00 1983-93 Pick-ups & Montero,all gasoline engine models,
                      #2022 Haynes


        $3.00 1970-86 Sedans,Hatchbacks,Station Wagons,Turbo,2 & 4wd,
                      #6982 Chilton's.


        $3.00 1971-78 Celica ST,GT & Liftback,113,
        $3.00 1966-70 Corolla 1968-70,Corona 1966-70,Mark II 1969-70,
                      Crown 1966-70,Stout 1966-69,Land Cruiser 1966-70
                      #5795 Chilton's.
        $4.00 1979    Corona Chassis,Factory repair manual.
        $5.00 1984    Corolla Factory repair manual.


        $3.00 1974-75 Dasher,all 1471cc(89.7 models,Haynes
        $3.00 1975-91 Golf,Jetta,Scirocco,Pick-ups,all gasoline 
                      engine models,#884 Haynes.
        $5.00 1980-84 Rabbit,Scirocco,Jetta,Pick-up,Convertible,GTI,
                      gasoline models,Robert Bently.
        $4.00 1974-84 "How to keep your Rabbit,Scirocco,Jetta Alive"
                      carb-diesel & fuel injection,Richard Sealy.
        $3.00 1985    GTI owner's manual,1985 gas engine maintenance
                      manual,1985 USA model VW warranty,VW Distributor
                      & Dealers in North & Central America,Glove Box


        Motor Parts & Time Guides,Hardbound
        $12.00 1979 51st edition
        $12.00 1981 53rd "     "
        $12.00 1982 54th "     "
        $12.00 1978-85 57th edition
        $12.00 1984-92 64th "     "
        $17.00 1966-78 Truck & Diesel Repair Manual 31st edition.


        $12.00 1964-71 Chilton's Auto Repair Manual for American
                       Cars & Volkswagon,Hardbound,1537 pages,7 1/2lbs
        $3.00  1978    "Chilton's Easy Car Care",318 pages.
        $4.00  6/1991  GM Collision Estimating Guide(domestic)


        $2.75 Chilton's & Haynes soft covers
        $5.00 Motor & Chilton hard bound
        $3.25 Factory Manuals
        $2.00 Owner's manuals

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