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Local Weather Cam Images

KOIN NE: KOIN Center NE: This was our first weather camera and is still one of our best locations. Located on the northeast corner of the KOIN Center in downtown Portland it gives us a view of the Willamette.
Convention Center: Convention Plaza: This is our big-money scenic shot. Located on the Convention Plaza business complex it gives us spetacular views of downtown, the river, the Rose Garden, and the Convention Center.
North Coast: North Coast Microwave Path: Two cameras share this path. One at the Surf Sand Resort at Cannon Beach and one on Megler Mountain north of Astoria. Both cameras give us a great view of incoming weather.
Vancouver: KOIN's SW Washington NewsCenter (Vancouver) : This camera is located on a tower at our SW Washington NewsCenter at the TCI offices in Vancouver. Nice view of much of northern Vancouver, Washington.
Transmitter: KOIN Transmitter: This camera is located at the 500 foot level of our transmitter tower in the West Hills. That means it's about 1500 feet above sea-level. It has a nearly 360 degree view.
Rocky Butte: Rocky Butte: Located on the south side of Rocky Butte this camera can look at the I-205 Glenn Jackson bridge and the I-84/I-205 freeway interchange. It also has a view up the Columbia Gorge.
KGW PDX/OMSI: KGW camera at OMSI on the Willamette
PDX Airport: KGW Camera at Portland International Airport
KGW Vancouver: Vancouver,WA weather cam
Timberline: KGW view from Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood
KGW Seaside: Seaside, OR
KGW Newport: Newport, OR

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