M-1 Carbine Infra-Red Sniper Scope (M-3)

Korean War M-1 Carbine Infra-Red Sniperscope, Set No. 1, 20,000 Volts,
(aka M-3). This is one of the first ever night vision scopes developed.
The U.S. began development near the end of WW II. It issued these
in very limited numbers during the Korean War. This particular scope
was manufactured by the American Optical Co. of Buffalo, NY in 1951.
It comes with it's carrying chest which holds the scope and the other
items for the scope. The chest measures 18 1/2 x 14 x 11 1/2 inches.
It has a Granite City Army Depot; Granite City, IL shipping label. The
scope is in EXC. condition. It's one of the key pieces to any M-1 carbine
collection. Buyer pays 50 lbs S&H. Please e-mail me with your zip code
for shipping cost. What follows is an inventory list of what comes with
the scope.

Stock #            Description
18-2804.720-200    Chest, transport, Olive Drab w/ US Sniperscope stencil
18-8416.500-200    Sniperscope, Serial # M3.8151.51, 6-23-51
17-7047.500-200    Lightsource
17-7760.500-200    Power Pack, Serial # 1385, 4/51, 6V input 20,000V output
17-1560.300-200    Battery Assembly, 6-27-51
17-2728.600-200    Canvas Back Pack Carry Case, 6-23-51

                   3/ BB-241/U batteries attached in series, unused, no
                   electrolyte added, 24 amp/hr 20 hour rate, rechargeable
                   Electrolyte Fill Funnel
                   Trigger Switch and Mounting Bracket for rifle forend
                   Tool Pouch (no tools)
                   2 Spare Fuses
                   1 Spare Light Source Filter

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