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Meat Storage & Preservation

Recipes: All kinds of recipes for sausage, pepperoni, jerky, etc. lots of ethnic selections
Morten's: Lots of recipes for just about everything including canning.
Luhr-Jensen: Luhr Jensen site for your smoker with recipes and smoking tips
USDA: USDA Safety in Food Handling Table of Contents
Chicken: USDA Safe Handling of Chicken
Duck & Goose: USDA Safe Handling of Duck & Goose
Ham: USDA Safe Handling of Ham
Corned Beef: USDA Safe Handling of Corned Beef
Sausages: USDA Safe Handling of Sausages
Emu & Ostrich: USDA Safe Handling of Emu & Ostrich
Grilling & Smoking: USDA Info on Grilling & Smoking
Storage: USDA Meat Storage Tips
WSU Cure: WSU Extension Curing and Smoking Meats
WSU Sausage: WSU Extension Sausage Making, Properties, and Techniques

Poultry Raising

Lenoir: Lenoir County Poultry Site with links
Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Poultry Breed Site
Yahoo: Yahoo Search List on Poultry
Donald Firsching Chicken Page: A good back-yard poultry page with some good links

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